Structuring flask apps, a how-to for those coming from Django

April 27, 2013 13:21 / 0 comments

The other day a friend of mine was trying out flask-peewee and he had some questions about the best way to structure his app to avoid triggering circular imports. For someone new to flask, this can be a bit of a puzzler, especially if you're coming from django which automatically imports your modules. In this post I'll walk through how I like to structure my flask apps to avoid circular imports. In my examples I'll be showing how to use "flask-peewee", but the same technique should be applicable for other flask plugins.

I'll walk through the modules I commonly use in my apps, then show how to tie them all together and provide a single entrypoint into your app.

Web-based encrypted file storage using Flask and AWS

September 12, 2012 10:34 / 6 comments

The other day I noticed I had a couple thumbdrives kicking around with various versions of my "absolutely do not lose" files...stuff like my private keys, tax documents, zips of papers I wrote in college, etc. These USB drives were all over the house, and many contained duplicate versions of the same files. I thought it would be neat to write a little app to give me a web-based interface to store and manage these files securely. In this post I'll talk about how I built a web-based file storage app using flask, pycrypto, and amazon S3.

Don't sweat the small stuff - use flask blueprints

October 30, 2011 15:29 / 2 comments

For a change, I've been doing all of my new app development using flask, a python web framework built atop the werkzeug WSGI toolkit. Having used django for the last two years it's been fun to do something different, but at the same time stick with python.

In this post I'd like to show a couple of the small projects I've written using flask over the past few weeks.

Redesign of flask-peewee admin

October 28, 2011 15:44 / 0 comments

Recently I stumbled across the twitter bootstrap project, which is a set of cross-browser compliant stylesheets and scripts. I liked them so much that I've ported the admin templates to use bootstrap. Here's a little screenshot of the design refresh taken from the example app:

I hope this will make the admin easier to work with in the long-run!

Integrating the flask microframework with the peewee ORM

September 27, 2011 10:52 / 5 comments

I'd like to write a post about a project I've been working on for the past month or so. I've had a great time working on it and am excited to start putting it to use. The project is called flask-peewee -- it is a set of utilities that bridges the python microframework flask and the lightweight ORM peewee. It is packaged as a flask extension and comes with the following batteries included: