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Python tool for templating and managing dotfiles

I always told myself I would never release this code. For some time I considered the appearance of my desktop environment a form of creative expression, and by putting the tooling I wrote into the hands of others, I might dilute, somehow, the quality of what I had set out to create. As embarrassing as it is to admit this - after all, the purpose of this work was to create a desktop environment that was functional and aesthetically pleasing, and had nothing to do with anyone else's desktop - I hope that by stating my thought processes I can convey how much I had invested in this project.

In this post I'll describe the tooling I wrote to automate the process of adjusting the appearance of the various software I use on a daily basis. Below is a screenshot of my desktop at the time of writing, with a couple applications running:



Monospace Font Favorites

For the past six months or so, I've been experimenting with a variety of monospace fonts in a quest to find the perfect coding font. While I haven't found a clear winner, I have found a dozen nice-looking fonts and learned a lot about typefaces in general. I've also learned quite a bit about font rendering on Linux, which I hope to summarize in a separate post soon.

In this post I'd like to share some screenshots (or "swatches") of my favorite fonts.



Suffering for fashion: a glimpse into my Linux theming toolchain


My desktop at the time of writing.


Here it is a couple months later.

It's been over 2 years since I wrote about the tooling I use to theme my desktop, so I thought I'd post about my current scripts...


Using python to generate awesome linux desktop themes

I remember spending hours when I was younger cycling through the various awesome color themes on my 386, in the glory days of windows 3.1. Remember hotdog stand?

Hotdog Stand

Well, I haven't changed much. I still enjoy making tweaks to the colors and appearance of my desktop. In this post I'll talk about a script I wrote that makes it easy for me to modify all the various colors and configuration files which control the appearance of my desktop.



My leet fluxbox desktop, showing conky, root-tail and of course DooM.