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A picture is worth a thousand words... using Google Images to spice up IRC

I wrote a little python IRC bot library a while back. It comes with a few silly examples like a google search bot, an ASCII art bot, even an example botnet. Today I was lurking around in a channel with a bunch of other local developers and noticed that we often are pasting links of images to "contextualize" things other folks have said.


Using Redis Pub/Sub and IRC for Error Logging with Python

I recently rewrote my personal site using flask and peewee, breaking a good amount of stuff in the process. I was trying to track down the errors by tailing log files, but that didn't help alert me to new errors that someone visiting the site might stir up. I thought about setting up error emails a-la django, which is a tried and true method...but then I happened on a different approach. I won't say it's the most elegant solution, but it was a quick hack and the results have been awesome. I wrote a custom logging handler that pushes JSON-encoded log record data to a redis pub/sub channel. I then have an IRC bot that subscribes to this channel and when it receives a message generates a paste of the traceback and pings me with a link to the traceback.


Building a markov-chain IRC bot with python and Redis

As an IRC bot enthusiast and tinkerer, I would like to describe the most enduring and popular bot I've written, a markov-chain bot. Markov chains can be used to generate realistic text, and so are great fodder for IRC bots. The bot I am writing of has been hanging out in my town's channel for the past year or so and has amassed a pretty awesome corpus from which it generates messages. Here are few of his greatest hits:


A simple botnet written in Python

As of this week we instituted a regular "hackday" at my office -- anything goes, you can work on whatever you like, so at 11:30 the night before the hackday started I decided on writing a simple IRC-powered botnet.

Botnet Diagram