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JavaScript Canvas Fun: Pong

Earlier this week I rediscovered some old games I'd written, and I realized that I had not yet done a JavaScript version of Pong. I did versions of Tetris and Snake, perennial favorites of mine to implement, but somehow I'd forgotten about Pong. I think Pong was probably the first game I ever tried to copy, and it has a special place in my early-programmer's memory.

So I set out last night to put together a JavaScript canvas version of Pong. You can find a playable version in the post.


Even more Canvas fun - Tetris in JavaScript

Tetris in JavaScript using the Canvas element, 'nuff said!


More fun with Canvas - a JavaScript Starfield!

The canvas element is awesome. JavaScript is fast enough that you can run some pretty computationally intensive stuff (I've seen 3D games, a NES emulator, and much more all done with JS!). This script shouldn't push your CPU to the limit, but it does show how easy it is to create cool effects with just a small amount of code.


Nokia Snake with JavaScript + Canvas


Keeping with the theme of yesterday's post - "a stroll down memory lane" - I thought I'd re-create the Nokia Snake game (a distant relative of Nibbles) using JavaScript and the canvas element.