Who butchered my preface?

I admit, I'm a little on edge right now. A book I co-authored on Flask is going to be published soon and I was sent a copy of the preface to approve. When I opened the preface, I was horrified. All my original work was gone and had been replaced by a bland, nonsensical paragraph written by someone I suspect was not a native English speaker.

Here it is:

Flask started out as an April fool (a joke) that became a very popular underdog in the Python web framework world. It is now one of the most widely used Python web frameworks for start-ups and is becoming accepted as the perfect tool for quick and simple solutions in most businesses. Flask's power comes from being understood very quickly, while being scalable to large apps without much need for alteration. Along with a huge community of users and extension developers, there will always be an extension to do most of what you want to do.

Some of this isn't quite English. Some of these aren't really sentences. There are oxymorons, conflicting thoughts, and more than anything it's just bland, box-ticking generalizations. It's fucking terrible.

To put it mildly, I became enraged. I fired off an email to my publisher explaining why every line was terrible. Then I felt a little bit better, but not better enough. So I decided to write a blog post to leech away the last of my anger.

What happens now? I'm not sure. All I know is I feel a little better.

My main takeaway is this: if you want to write a technical book, for the love of god, self-publish or go with a publisher well known for excellence like O'Reilly.

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