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Solr on Ubuntu, revisited

It's been a while since I first wrote about setting up Solr on Ubuntu. Since then I've opted for a different approach that is both simpler and lighter-weight. This post describes briefly the steps to setting up Solr on Ubuntu.


Autocompletion for Django models using Solr, Redis or SQL

One of the nicest UI's around when dealing with a large dataset is a good autocomplete. Facebook's search is a great example, same for Netflix, and recently Google launched "Google Instant", which returns search results as you type. Autocomplete can really complement hierarchical drill-down search (which is useful for discovery), as the goal of autocomplete is more for helping users find something they already know about with a minimum of effort.


Search on djangosnippets.org

Users of djangosnippets.org may have noticed the addition of a few search-related features over the past several months. I'd like to highlight some of the additions that have been made and show how you can implement similar functionality on your sites. All of djangosnippet's search leans on Apache Solr, a powerful search engine built on top of Apache Lucene (full-text search). Haystack is the search solution for Django apps - it provides a querying interface similar to Django's ORM, handles indexing your models for you, and supports advanced features like "more-like-this" and faceting.