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Mutant killer, Mario and more: rediscovering old projects

I was reorganizing some folders on my laptop and ran across some really old code I'd written. I knew the code was there, but I hadn't looked at it in years and thought it would be fun to take a peek, so I created a WindowsXP virtual machine and fiddled around trying to get the various programs to run.


Code review

Counsyl is the first job I've worked that has a formal code review process. At first it was intimidating (it still is sometimes), but I really have been impressed how review leads to better code. I still make mistakes in my own code, and sometimes I miss bugs in other's code. Bugs are going to happen, though, so I won't spend time talking about how to write bug-free code. Instead I'll write about some things I've noticed that make the review process go more smoothly. I've seen that a lot of productivity and good will can be gained by how you approach the person whose code you're reviewing, and the person reviewing your code.