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Ricing the Phone

If you follow my blog you've probably seen a few posts at regular intervals containing screenshots of my desktop. I enjoy customizing my desktop for usability and visual appeal, and since I spend 8+ hours a day on my laptop it's important that things be just right.

Recently I've gotten into ricing my phone homescreen as well. I've got a Moto G handset, a great cheap phone which I like so much better than my previous galaxy nexus. Unlike the majority of phones these days it's not so gigantic that I can hardly hold it in one hand.

Anyways, after rooting my phone and installing SlimKat, a custom KitKat ROM, I spent a bit of time tweaking my homescreen. Here are the results!

Homescreen SlimKat


Run Live Android on Ubuntu using VirtualBox

This post describes how to get Live Android 0.2 up and running on Ubuntu using VirtualBox. I've got an Asus X83V notebook running Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. Step-by-step howto with some screenshots.