So long, djangosnippets, and thanks for all the fish

After two years of maintaining, I am pleased to announce that the guys from django-de are going to be taking over and you can expect to see some real improvements.

Here is a quick list of things I was able to accomplish under my watch as well as the things I always meant to do but never got around to.

Actually did

Porting from ?? to modern django

The version of djangosnippets I was handed had been written a number of years ago, early 2007 according to the whois record so I think it must have been django .96. The first thing I did was port the codebase to django 1.1.

The full writeup can be found here, but tl;dr added solr, got many wins including search, "more like this", and ajax-y autocomplete.


One issue was discoverability -- many of the oldest snippets had the most upvotes or had been the most bookmarked, making it hard to find quality new code. I added date-based filtering to some of the list views to make it easier to find fresher content.


The last thing I added was the ability for users to flag snippets as inappropriate or spam.

Didn't do but wanted to

Under new management

The guys at django-de are django community veterans, I am really excited that they have been kind enough to adopt the site and am looking forward to the improvements they will make. The code for the site can be found on github.

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