How do you use peewee?

When I first wrote peewee I set out to accomplish a simple task: make it easy to execute queries in my Flask apps. I was a bit familiar with SQLAlchemy, but wanted something lightweight and thought it would be a quick project. While the first version only took a couple days to write, over the past two or three years peewee has been my favorite project to work on. I've been very surprised to see that it's user base has grown, and would like to ask anyone who is using peewee:

How do you use peewee?

I'd like to add a "testimonials" section to the documentation that describes the interesting projects people have written using peewee. If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear about your project.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks!

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Manuel | feb 25 2014, at 11:18am

So you want a headline for the docs? Let's play.. ;)

In a "build-your-own" framework like Flask is really easy to drown yourself in complexity by adding too much requirements, Peewee ORM is one those little helpers that do just the opposite.

A. Svensson | feb 23 2014, at 03:44pm

I love working with peewee, it's such an easy, elegant and lightweight ORM (compared to SQLAlchemy, for example). Easy to work with and gets the job done quickly for my flask projects. My only complaint so far is that flask-peewee isn't Python3 compatible yet, which is a bit limiting for me.

Maxim | feb 22 2014, at 01:54pm

I switched to Flask a while ago for all new client projects and after struggling with SQLAlchemy I heard about peewee and decided to give it a try. It's a really great library and really simple to use. Used it on a lot of simple CRUD sites and currently using it to build an e-commerce site! Great works, thanks!

Ryan | feb 22 2014, at 01:35pm

I use PeeWee to quickly get applications which interact with MySQL up and running. It's my favorite ORM. I use it in one project where I query a database and write flatfiles which are Nginx configurations for a load-balancer.

monodemono | feb 22 2014, at 01:27pm

I was working on an IRC bot in python to use on, because I hate all the current bots that are there, they're slow and suck, so I was using peewee for an alias system for commands to easily add, edit, and remove commands. It's been on hold indefinitely because I'm really lazy and useless and never finish anything I start, but I have a lot of progress done, which includes a bit of peewee use, and it's been incredibly helpful.

TL;DR: Used it on an IRC bot, it worked well, I never finished said bot.

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